We rehearse on Tuesday evenings during term time from 7:30pm to 9:45pm at Billingshurst Primary School.                                           >>> directions

We also have an extra rehearsal on the Thursday evening before a concert, which everybody is expected to attend.

We have a short warm-up at the beginning of the rehearsal, and a break in the middle.

Once a month in the break we have a fundraising sale of books, cakes and plants. Our marmalade supplies are particularly noted, for which our Musical Director can be seen at the head of the queue …

At BCS we take pride in our singing and at the same time we make sure we enjoy ourselves and have lots of fun. It’s important to attend each week so that we get the best out of our performances for our audiences. If the commitment is going to be really difficult, we ask you to consider carefully.

If you have your own score (of the correct edition) your are welcome to use it. If not, scores will be available to hire, for a small fee each term.